Bariatric shower chair makes transport and moving easier

​With a bariatric shower chair showering and moving patients is made much easier and more dignified for both the one caring for the patient and the patient itself. Through TR Equipment you get a high-quality bariatric shower chair with a design that's focused on simplicity without sacrificing quality, comfort and functionality. It's also possible to use the bariatric shower chairs from TR Equipment in the toilet through the bed pan accessory, making toilet visits less of a hassle. 

The hand controls are easy to understand and use while still giving you plenty of control to adjust height and tilt from anywhere around the chair. It's also easy to clean and eases the workload on caretakers, minimizing the risks for strain and work-related injuries while assisting the patient. It's a sturdy chair which will be used for a very long time after you get it.

Easier transportation​​

There's very little reason not to get a bariatric shower chair when handling and treating people that cannot move by themselves for one reason or another, especially since it'll help save in both time and money in more ways than one.

It's not a question whether you need it or not but rather when you should get it, for rather than dealing with people having to take a leave to heal from work-related injuries, it's better to make the procedure of moving, showering and helping the patient easier for both parties. Being cheap will just cost you in the long run so why take the risk?​​